Disclosure: How we make money


Best Accounting Software is a for profit organization, specifically we make money through a form of advertising known as affiliate marketing. This means that sometimes when you click on a link on our website, that takes you to an external website, we receive a referral fee if you go on to purchase a product. This form of advertising is commonplace, with companies including Amazon and eBay participating in affiliate marketing to generate referrals from publishers. In fact many of the best known online publications generate a significant amount of their advertising revenue this way.

Affiliate marketing can bring about a conflict of interest – how do you know if the product or service recommended is motivated by commercial interests or is a genuine recommendation?

To maintain editorial integrity we work to the following guidelines:

  • We only recommend products and services we would be happy to use ourselves.
  • Our editorial team works separately to our commercial team.
  • We link to many products or services we don’t have an advertiser relationship with, if we think they are a good recommendation for our readers. This means having a commercial relationship with a company is not a prerequisite of us recommending it.
  • We endeavor to recommend the best deal available for any individual product or service. Purchasing through an advertiser or affiliate link shouldn’t cost you any more and can sometimes save money where we have negotiated a discount for our readers.
  • We’re open to feedback. If we see consistent feedback that a product or service we recommend is a poor choice we’ll reevaluate how we rate it and if we recommend it.